Visual Digital Conference Reactions

Student delegates w/ professionals?

I went to the Visual: A Digital Design Conference, a first in cebu with Mikyu, Sinjin, Prince, and Jorich. To be honest, I was only interested in Web Design and Interface, Local Web Business and Strategy, and Shirt & Apparel Design. But I was also amazed with Digital Illustrations & Digital Matte Painting as well.

Kdlig's winning entry in threadless

Being the first event of it's kind in cebu, the Visual Digital Conference was a success and was overall ok though there will definitely be lots of chances and areas for improvements. I enjoyed the Da Vinci Pizza snack w/ juice and the visually entertaining presentations from the speakers themselves.

A sample of Matte painting..simply awesome

Anyway, there success stories and the knowledge they shared was very nice for newbies and students alike. Hopefully I can be there on the next bigger and better Visual Digital Conference!
Visual Digital Conference Reactions Visual Digital Conference Reactions Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, November 29, 2009 Rating: 5