Golden Cowrie Socialization

Our team had our first outing or socialization in our workplace (BPO firm). I think it was just my second time to step foot in that Golden Cowrie restaurant branch. Any way I had a great "short" time nonetheless.

We had ordered some 3 dishes: Crispy Pata (I think), fried tuna, and some soup (damnit I forgot the name!) and some iced tea plus rice.

I didn't like really like the fried tuna thing despite looking tasty. (note to self: tuna should be cooked like other seafood are cooked - whatever that means).

I just munched on the only meat dish and of course the soup. I'm not really good at remembering things that I've eaten for the first time but rest assured next time I'll definitely take notes.

Mga kuyug nga gikuraw pud: Simon, Tucker & Brianna - Hahay American Names!!!
Golden Cowrie Socialization Golden Cowrie Socialization Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, December 13, 2009 Rating: 5

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