Christmas Holidays Stress

Have you ever experienced Christmas Holidays Stress? Well if there is such a thing as a Christmas Holidays Stress, I am experiencing it for the first time in my life! Add to that a Christmas Rant blog post!

Christmas Parties:
Christmas parties conflicting more than before- CBS Party, Company/Work party, Friends', Family = waaaaa

Holidays Events:
From Mall SALE to random events from various industries or niches = Cosplay, Band/Concert, Wedding, Launchings, and the like.

This the time of the year where in the backlogs creep up on you. While for some people, its ok for me its not. I believe that I must settle everything before the year ends in order to start anew for the upcoming new year!

Being in the Real-Professional world, I am now feeling the ridiculous pressures of Responsibilities. My sister has a ridiculously high tuition fee, house expenses, wants and needs. Not to mention the temptations everywhere to spend money. Hence the increasing desire to make more money!

Although my work is relatively low-stress by my standards, I am still only human and I let the foreigners get the best of me. Also, there goes my first theme party, with the pressure for working on the holidays for the first time. Add to that the increasingly constraining requirement to conform to company standards and policies.

Christmas traditions, from chinese, to german and filipino! Kris Kringle, Decorations and the related stuff. I don't wanna mention it cause its gonna make my head blow up.

Promos and contests:
In a business perspective, this is good to drive up sales and profits but in a professional's perspective, it sucks the money in your pockets dry.

Opportunities and loss:
My mind has the ridiculous knack to generate random great ideas in such the wrong time. I can see a bunch of opportunities showing up right in front of me and yet I cant acquire them all (Sponsored posts, online opps. and non-online opps)

Hahay..hopefully I can get through all of much for my Christmas
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