Why I don't need a Christmas Wishlist

Why I don't need a Christmas Wishlist? Do you think I have gone crazy? well not really..The reason as to Why I don't need a Christmas Wishlist is very long but I'll list it down below. But first, let me talk about this recent christmas or holiday season.

Everybody celebrates the holidays differently. There really is no right or wrong way to spend the holiday season from September to cold December days and nights January and eventually february. Most think, that its only up to December or January but for me its up to February. September marks the start of the “Ber” holidays season where in you can spot the selling of Christmas decors such as pampanga lanterns and the like. I can even remember that in McDonalds, their music is already playing Christmas related songs.

By November, some people start off their reunions (some prefer November during the honoring of the dead and others by December for gift giving) and even some companies have early Christmas parties towards the end of November to since most of people’s schedules are eaten up by December Christmas party invites.

Filipinos will open their hearts and doors to friends who are unfortunate enough to not have a holiday party of their own and sometimes it becomes overwhelming as one’s social circle grows. For some, like myself, who don’t fancy large gatherings or the commercial nature of Christmas most of the time; prefer to just relax under the night’s sky stargazing or maybe spend time with the people I care about, maybe spend the season volunteering and helping the less fortunate.

I believe Christmas has become lost or has changed due to influences from different cultures. Even the Japanese, Chinese and some middle-eastern folks have adopted the Christmas season with their own ways. Some people are Saints with gifts but Scrooge-like with their time, and some are the opposite. There are party animals and faithful churchgoers. My dad who is working abroad told me to go do and join misa de gallo tradition since its only in Christmas you can do that. To be honest, I was annoyed, I am a Christian and I have learned that God gave us this free-will for his greater glory. I simply don’t want to be a robot who blindly follow stuff just because it has been practiced & done for hundreds of years.

I have read an article in the newspaper that some go to see mass or even these dawn mass traditions to meet their “Ka-date,” some are forced (maybe not briefed properly by their parents on why they are doing such a thing), some sleep while there, some daydream since they are sleepy, some go to church but smoke outside church just to stay awake, some even will go far as to say that it is a Christian’s duty to do so. Please stop with those ridiculous reasons (well let’s just say that I can’t say it in front of their faces so that’s why I’m blogging), it’s really annoying, one’s relationship with God is personal and I do practice it my own way. So if you go to Misa De Gallo for tradition sake, do you not listen or remember even the word/good news of that mass? And then have the courage afterwards to live and practice the word of the lord? Well it maybe not true for some people but this is just based on raw observation.

I worked on Christmas eve and on Christmas day since call centers are like that. It was really annoying and rewarding in a way since it was my 1st time working on a major holiday. When going to work and while trying to go to work at night, I saw a different side of cebu. Since it was the eve, there were fewer people on the streets. But I was totally shocked when I saw lots of children and adults sleeping on the sidewalks on CHRISTMAS EVE. That made me realize in some ways I was a bit selfish on the months leading to December and that made me reflect a lot. So here is why I don’t need a Christmas Wishlist for myself:

Good Health
I'm still alive? ehehehe
Small achievements and success
Thankful for my family, for they are still with me
A very blessed year with full of new experiences and firsts
Thanks to my fans and friends and of the new bonds I have created
For the gifts I have received, even if didn't get that many my 2009 life was great
Met more or around 200 people which has one way or another amused or touched my life
I am thankful for the problems & mistakes, without them I will not be the me of today
And all the other things in this good earth!

I believe it is time to stop concentrating on norms and traditions, and focus instead on the message of the holidays: a celebration of hope for a better future, a time to count blessings, and an opportunity to show and give love to friends and strangers alike. That is easier said than done, but I tried anyways. Everyone celebrates differently, and those who don’t stick with the status quo are looked down on. But if you see what I see, you’d probably think twice.

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  1. idol! murag ana pd ako rason hahaha.. most of them!

  2. char nimu angkul. hilig jd ka mg.yawyaw nuhh. hehehe. merry xmas angkul! gip nya nakuh! :D

  3. @jorich ahahah apir!

    @mikyuwk waaaa hmmm pangadgian tika for a healthy & happy life..si lord na bahala :D