2010 Kaizen Plan

Here is my 2010 Kaizen Plan..Do you think New Year’s resolutions work? If you wanted to change, you’d do it, right? Does making it a resolution really help? In reality not all, but it helps though to have a guide than having none since you’d probably forget all the things you wanted to do or change! I mean, how many resolutions have you actually lived up to? Why should you care? You probably care about my aspirations about as much as I believe they’ll amount to anything, that’s the beauty of life after all. Still, I took the time to write it; the least you can do is read it and comment! My 2010 Kaizen Plan comprises of 22 which is in relation to my age:

1. To be slightly more objective
2. Act like an adult once in a while
3. Spend more time with myself and enjoy life
4. Spend more time doing good deeds and being an effective citezen
5. Fulfill more writing projects
6. Blog about stuff my readers actually care about?
7. Find a way to make more money
8. Admit to shortcomings, should any arise
9. Reduce the size of my ego by 10 percent>hopefully my condescending side subsides
10. Exercise regularly? -easier said than done though
11. Plant a tree, build a house or make a lot of people smile
12. Grow at least 2 inches! (evilsmirk)
13. Less annoying and whiny but more thoughtful & kinder
14. Attend photography classes if I ever get my own camera 1st
15. Learn how to cook something (one at a time..amf)
16. Stick to budget and create more income streams
17. Find a better-paying job, or perhaps a job with less pressure?
18. Try to get at least six hours and at most eight hours of rest
19. Read the books I got for gifts
20. Don’t be a litterbug and help the environment (I will collect recyclables perhaps to sell?)
21. Fulfill plans (life, love, business, professional and the like)
22. Keep smiling

So, how do you feel about the two minutes of your life you’ll never get back, reading this nonsense 2010 Kaizen Plan? Either way, Have a Happy New Year and I hope I can fulfill this 2010 Kaizen Plan of mine! CHeers to 2010!!

For those who don't know what "KAIZEN" means, its japanese for "continuously improving/improvement."

As the new year begins, may I visit more remarkable places, meet more interesting people and receive more graces and achieve success for God's greater glory!

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  1. stick to it and you will become a saint.. Dakila ka Iggy.. mabuhay! :P

  2. that pic is from tumblr nohh? hahaha. bilib na jd ku nimu angkul kng mabuhat 2 nimu tnan! pero gnahan jd ku sa keep smiling. hahahaha. keep smiling angkul! :D

  3. mag-kaizen ta tanan uie! haha.