Teriyaki Boy Munching

I simply decided to eat in Teriyaki Boy since my mind was filled with japanese stuff. I came to the mall seeing it since I just finished a whole bunch of japanese manga titles and had a sudden craving for some reason.

I really like japanese food or cuisine and it was my first try in teriyaki boy. I chose to eat a Teriyaki Boy Bento. I had some Iced Tea + Miso Soup and then the Bento.

The Teriyaki Boy Bento was very nice and I think it contained the Following: Boneless grilled chicken w/ sauce + cucumber w/ carrots & celery salad? + I forgot the 2. I was to hungry to even memorize the components in the menu.

Bottom line..I got satisfied and as expected from a japanese meal at Teriyaki Boy, I felt light even If I ate a lot.
Teriyaki Boy Munching Teriyaki Boy Munching Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Thursday, January 07, 2010 Rating: 5

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