2 years of Blogging

Another year of blogging mess...after 2 years I am still a noob in the blog - o - sphere..I'll make this post as short as possible but a little longer compared to last year's post since I have no contests, whatknots and the like to do here.

But for this year, I will be taking blogging a little more seriously and I will take a page from the book of my so called blogging mentor since he was the one who introduced me to this blogging mess, I mean world.

I too will set goals for this year with regards to blogging. This will be my version and 1st “SOMBA” – State of my blog Address (taken from zdiaz.com). Since this is the first SOMBA I will set goals instead of what I have achieved in blogging and this blog.

-Make a WP blog
-Make more & maintain niche blogs
-Gain back the traffic I once had w/ my blogspot url
-Join a blogging contest (after 2 years i will do this for the 1st time)
-Make more money online
-Explore and learn more about blogging (Problogging, SEO and the like)
-Meet more bloggers
-Invite non-bloggers into blogging
-Improve my blogging
-and anything that can be squeezed into these goals along the way

Once again there's no use for greetings..but donations are always welcome XD

See my 1 year old blog post HERE

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  1. Iggy: Don't get discouraged. As they say in the investment world, money does not grow in trees. :-) It takes hard work and time for blogging to "work" for you.

    Just like investments, a little income here and there may not mean something as of now. But as you go along your investment starts to grow and you will surely reap the benefits. I am sure 10 years from now you will look back and say to yourself that you are happy you didn't quite.

    By the way a little tip, (This isn't a big secret you know) If you want to succeed in blogging either guerilla blogging or niche blogging or both the big secret is in two words "back links." On how to get back links, there are several ways. I suggest you focus your efforts on this. Not just getting back links, but getting relevant back links. I'll probably discuss this in great detail in our guerilla blogging 2.0 ebook :-)

    Meantime keep your head up. Learn more about SEO and keep on learning. By the way, I'm sure you are not making much in adsense right now. Why don't you try making money via payu2blog for the meantime ? I make close to a $100 a month through this alone.

  2. By the way, checked out your blog. Not bad ! you should give yourself more credit. You are already a P.R 3.0 blog with 72 back links. You can do more to improve. But give yourself some credit. You have obviously done a good job. Hijack some keywords and get some more back links. You can also open some niche blogs to boost your income further.

  3. Congrats on your second year! Your blog is one of the few blogs I read. And I never get frustrated. :)

  4. char angkul! congratz and good luck! :D