TOWNS AWARDS Search 2010

TOWNS AWARDS Search 2010 nominations is now open! The Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service (TOWNS) Foundation is composed of Filipino women awardees who have contributed positively to shaping our nation's future. With their generous spirits, these awardees have also served as catalysts for economic and social development by providing their time, talent and resources to government, business, media, the arts, the academe, sports and non-government organizations.

Every three years, TOWNS awards are given to Filipino women between 21 to 45 years old who have shown exceptional talent and devotion to their career. Eleven batches of women professionals have so far reached the TOWNS awards - nine in 1974, eight in 1977, twelve in 1981, fourteen in 1983, twelve in 1986, seventeen in 1989, twelve in 1992, twelve in 1995, ten in 1998, ten in 2001, twelve in 2004 and ten in 2007.

The major focus of the awards includes:
- Outstanding work that has contributed to the knowledge, well being and upliftment of her fellowmen
- personality worthy of emulation -- poise, self-confidence, dignity, respectability, integrity;
- commitment and dedication to her work;
- pioneering spirit

Nominations for TOWNS 2010 Awards shall be received from different individuals and organizations through the TOWNS Secretariat. Nomination forms may be obtained and submitted or mailed to any of the offices listed below and must be received, postmarked, or hand-carried before June 30, 2010.

TOWNS SECRETARIAT - c/o Aligned Transformations; 3423 Guernica Street, Palanan 1235 Makati City, Tel. No. 833-1125, Telefax No. 831-5195, Email:

TOWNS - c/o Evelyn Singson; 2004 West Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Pasig City, Tel. No. 6374260

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