Plight of a DemoCrazic nation Part1

Dear Fellow Citizen's of the Philippines,

Do you know of the Plight of a DemoCrazic nation which is the Philippines? Right now, Philippines is undergoing change. Change for the better or worse is yet to be known. People change too, and I don't mean changing political parties but to the point where in they have lost themselves.

We are also so focused with people who wish to "SERVE" us as a nation that we forget the most important thing, we have the power and it isn't just limited to VOTING. Let's go 1st with the term "DemoCrazic." It's a term you won't find in any dictionary, I coined/copied it from my teacher (Philippine Democracy = DemoCRAZY) in a Politics-related subject/class when I was in college.

Crazy is an understatement, Nonsense would not even come close as to describe it. How can a country call itself civilized and democratic if so many unbelievably crazy scenarios and happenings almost always happens within it's borders. Okay, let's name a few (Let's be optimistic so I won't be accurate on the statistics and figures):

1. ONE of the most corrupt nations in Asia today. But not all officials ofcourse.
2. ONE of the countries that has a high number of journalists being kidnapped or killed.
3. ONE of the countries which has lots and lots of unsolved extrajudicial killings
4. Most Drivers and even non-drivers do not follow Traffic Rules but outside the country, they are saints.
5. Politics is a form of entertainment and sometimes a business venture.

okay let's just stop there..But it isn't too bad, there are good things happening as well. The Philippines isn't too far behind with the world. Let's move away from politics and now look at environment:

1. People are knowledgeable about climate change but aren't really doing anything about it.
2. There are some small solar plants and wind farms here and there but there are coal plants too!
3. One of the world's well crafted and beautiful Environmental Laws (I quoted that from a Singaporean Professor from NUS when I attended a seminar in UPVCC)
4. One of the few places in the world where in there is a diverse species of plants and animals exist (Ex.TaƱon Strait, Bohol, Davao, add to that the recently discovered new species of Lizard only in the Philippines.. etc.)
5. People know the Philippines has rich natural resources, but can't really mention at least 10 in varied categories of plants, animals, places and the like (That includes me by the way)

Now, let's be more optimistic. Moving on to Culture:

1. Jose Rizal is the only National Hero who is known worldwide but is hailed in his own country as "Babaero" for some reason
2. As a people, most of us can speak varied languages: tagalog, Bisaya & its variations, ilonggo and the like (But can't really explain subject-verb agreement and language-rules of our own tongue-once again I'm included)
3. A country of crabs (we were eagles before and then Tigers) who's so full of itself that we don't even have the right to dream or even question those who are "In Power."
4. A generation of working slaves who follow blindly the social trends (Nakakahiya mang sabihin, pero tila dancer, artista, at japayuki yata ang tutoong saloobin ng ating mga kabataang babae, if not this, katulad ng mga lalake mag na-nurse o kaya labas agad ng bansa dahil ang mga mata naka hugis DOLLARS na)-Is it so hard to dream and achieve more?
5. A place where Apathy is so rampant people would encourage you to do it. (This excludes the blogosphere of course but the scenario is different to those in the real world)

Let's take a breather or two..done? now, off to Education:

1. The science and technology system in our country remains poor particularly our education and research and development. We have a dearth of innovative ideas that stem from our lack of capabilities. And our inventions are not translated into commercial products and servicesThe Philippines has a low number of S&T graduates, with engineers and scientists constituting 13 percent and IT 9.5 percent of all college graduates. (Sure we have lots of graduates but not all of them work in their professions-that includes me again, oh crap!)
2. An education system that brainwashes the next generation to go to school so that we can work and not really care or surrender ourselves to our "Public Servants" (It should be: "abutin natin ang ating maximum potential at itanong sa sarili ano ba ang makakatulong sa aking bansa."-Nice to read and hear but applying it is another thing)
3. Books are available but seems to be scary to the students (A society’s culture regarding books, reading and learning, is a very good indicator of its future.)
4. 10 years of Basic Education and a Disconnected Secondary, Alternative and Higher education (We have graduates but do they serve the needs of our industry?)
5. Do not Judge a book by its cover, and don't judge the lyrics of a song by its introduction. Have you seen the situation of public schools in the provinces? Please do try to visit one :) I really can't put into words to describe it.

What we have here is a perfect formula to produce more slaves that people like Chip Tsao or Adam Carolla can denigrate. But there is still hope and inspiration from our National Hero:

May our compatriots…devote the precious time of their youth
to something great, which is worthy of them.
We have over us a duty: To redeem our mother[land]
from her captivity…”
–Rizal’s letter to MH Del Pilar, June 11, 1890

If we were to define democrazy, no need to look into the dictionary all you need is to look around and ask questions. We have beautiful laws but its useless if not implemented. A country wherein public servants are secretly kings, a government wherein people should not be afraid of the government but the other way around.

So why not let "The Mad Hatter" from Alice in Wonderland help us define demoCrazy and the people who are for it?
"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? — The Mad Hatter"

Confused? Me too, of the future of our counrty..To be Continued..on Part2, the focus will be our so called 'Aspirants'
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  1. I love to use this: inconsistently inconsistent. See? Before elections, we clamor for change but the way we would like the agents of change act are just the same as the way previous leaders do.

    While we are condemning our corrupt officials, we are actually the most corrupt. The amount just differ. For example, we have high tolerance to software piracy; we don;t like to pay taxes; et cetera.

  2. Imu ra gishortcut ang gisulti sa mad hatter in a way :) WE already have the laws, but the Juan Tamad in us takes over when time for action is needed..if not that we end up as crabs and immediately become part of a crowd mentality