Retiring my old Toshiba Laptop

Retiring my Toshiba Portege 3490CT is what I will be doing by the end of this month. I have lots of memories with my Toshiba Portege 3490CT with my ridiculously old laptop! I had it almost a decade but its still alive and kicking though.

So why retire it? Well, its really slow compared to my desktop, all the more faster compated to my new netbook. My Toshiba is already an antique in its own right! It had external accessories such as its AC Adapter, External DVD drive (Can be Plugged in via a Card) and an external Floppy Disk drive (Yes its that Old).

Despite being pentium 3, it can still run Windows Xp which is not its pre-installed OS. Its pre-installed OS was Microsoft Windows 98 SE. Almost a decade of use makes be believe that toshiba does produce high quality products.

Here is its specs:
Processor - Pentium III 700 MHz
Display - 11.3 in. TFT Active Matrix
OS - Microsoft Windows 98 SE
RAM - 128 MB (SDRAM)
HDD - 20 GB
Graphic Processor - S3 Graphics, ProSavage 8
Installed Video Memmory - 8 MB
Expansion Ports - 1 x USB 1.1, VGA out, Parallel Port, Serial Port, PS/2 Port, RJ-11 (modem), RJ-45 (NIC)
Networking Type - Integrated Network Card • Infrared Port
Security Features - BIOS-Level Signature Authentication, Kensington Lock Slot, HDD Password, Keyboard Lock (Hotkey), Power-On Password, Administrator Password, Memory Screws
Battery Run time & technology - 3 hours, Lithium ion

Now what I will be trying to figure out is what to do with my toshiba, if there are any antique Laptop collectors out there, maybe I'll sell it to them! If not I'll sell it as E-waste in a Waste market Fair one of these days.
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