Stock Market Investments Seminar in Cebu City

There will be a Stock Market Investments Seminar in Cebu City. This Stock Market Investments Seminar is a very good opportunity for interested individuals to learn about Personal Stock Market Investing or Trading.

Have you already heard people say that you can make a lot of money in stocks ? Well such rumors are not false at all. If you know how to invest in stocks, you can make lots of money.

For 2009 the Philippine stock market exchange index was up by more than 60 %.
If you had invested in the stock market January of 2009 until December of 2009, your 1 million peso investment would have gained you more than P 600,000.00 !

Warren Buffett, is undoubtedly the world’s best stock market investor and perhaps the only person in the top ten richest in the world who derived his wealth solely from stock market investing. If you had invested $1,000.00 (U.S) (The equivalent of which is only about $7,760 in 2008) with Warren Buffett in 1956 (about 53 years ago) it would be worth an estimated $30.6 Million (U.S). That’s the wealth generating power of investing in the stock market! In the early part of his investing career Warren Buffett’s return almost reached 30 % compounded per annum.
I’m sure by now I already have your ears.

Interested to learn more about stock market investing but don’t know how ? Well this coming April, 21, 22 and 23, the Analysts-Traders Equities Training Center (AET) in cooperation with The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Market Education Department will be conducting “Practical trading in the Philippine stock market seminar” in Cebu City at the Baseline Restaurant, Baseline Complex Juana Osmena Cebu City.

For more details please contact Claire Quiray of AET at (02)-384-18-66; 02-2185362 call/text at 0928-474-4441; 09173574363. You can also email her at

You can also visit the following websites for more details:

You can also visit the AET website at

Start making your money work for you now ! Ride the bull, the stock market has no where to go today but up !

Please forward this information to everybody that you know who is interested to attend the seminar
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