1st Zipline in Cebu (Doce Pares Mountain Training Park)

This is a (super) very late post about our 1st Zipline in Cebu (Doce Pares Mountain Training Park) zipline adventure in Doce Pares Mountain Training Park. We went there last February during our Account team's team building activities.

If you are commuting, you can drop by JY Square and ride a habal-habal to Doce Pares Mountain Training Park. Doce Pares Mountain Training Park is located in the borders of Barangay Busay and Malubog in Lahug. To get there, you can drive all the way to JY Square in Lahug, and follow the road going the Transcentral Hi-way. It should cost around 50 pesos per person via habal-habal. The mountain park has their own carpool which will pick you up from JY square and drop you off on the same place once you are done but you'd have to contact them.

Doce Pares Mountain Training Park boasts to be the first place and a Zipline in Cebu. It was my first time experiencing zipline. I have always heard about the ziplines in Davao, Bohol and the like areas but its too costly and far away. When reaching the entrance gate of Doce Pares Mountain Training Park, you need to pay 20 pesos entrance fee and then you can get in. When you reach the place or area for the Zipline, just go near the start point of the jump to pay your 100 pesos and get your priority number.

Kids, Don't try this at home ;)

100 pesos is good for the 185-meter Zipline rides (2-ways), so it will cover more or less 370 meters of pure zipline fun. I'd have to say that it is a really short ride. Once you start enjoying it, you come to realize that you are now nearing the end of the line. Although they do have a plan of putting up a 400 meter line. To kill time and further enjoy the place, you can do camwhoring like jump-shots or take photos of the scenery.

It would be best to go there on a group as you will have enjoy more as you can share the FUN! Though short, for people who have just heard of the term ZIPLINE or can't afford to those long ones, this place is a good start for you!
1st Zipline in Cebu (Doce Pares Mountain Training Park) 1st Zipline in Cebu (Doce Pares Mountain Training Park) Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Rating: 5


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