Lessons Learned in Automated Elections System

This is basically the Lessons Learned in Philippine Automated Elections and in a way a sort of observation and/or reflection not just for my self but to anyone who may read this (#ivoteiblog):

1. Filipino Voters are Corrupt too - KamagAnak Inc in Queuing/waiting lines; Some adults are just plain lazy in the simple effort of lining up, it's either they let their offspring do it for them and take over later; As for kamagAnak Inc., well there's one family who are near the entrance for the Voting area and here comes an extended family who suddenly cuts in (Strength in numbers eh?)

2. Vote buying have been reduced somehow to an extent, although its still around but it's never okay and should not be tolerated, at least it's a start. But its still a shame since these things still exist amidst the presence of Foreign observers who saw/observed vote buying and some election violence here and there.

3. No amount of preparation can make you more confident once you are in front of the PCOS machine for most of the voters.

4. Filipinos still need to put an effort to research their candidates. It doesnt mean that a particular candidate has passed many bills or laws that they are good legislators, please look at Quality over Quantity!

5. Most Filipinos are poor Historians - people tend to forget Philippine history. Just look at Estrada and the Marcoses although I can say not all marcoses if you base it on track record.

6. Patience is a Filipino virtue most of the time and some of the time impatience or just laziness.

7. A step to Continuous Improvement and yes Automation works in most areas in the country.

8. Filipino politicians can learn how to concede and accept defeat although some are still bitter and refuse to make peace (Like here in cebu..tsk3)

9. Difference between towns and Cities - the higher the population, the crazier it gets

10. People are becoming more vigilant. - Some voters are screaming to other voters not cut lines and volunteers are not the only one watching the voting process or the precinct

11. The youth are becoming more aware - may they be on field or reporting and sharing updates to social networks or blogs.

12. The future is in our hands indeed - change history by our votes.

13. Hope is still alive, as per comelec - the highest Voter Turnout; Hope dies once people stop caring

14. Some of us are now learning to plan and think for the long-run/term but still there are some who are in power who don't plan at all.

15. It's okay to vote for the unpopular as long as you believe in their capability and not just popularity.

16. We can learn a lot from this, not just the new system but also from stories you hear from old people waiting in line.
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