PinoyGreyHat Annual Hacker Convention is Back!

In this day and age, Cyber Security is a very important issue wherein most of the businesses these days are moving or even expanding fast in the internet, therefore PinoyGreyHat Annual Hacker Convention is a must join event for you! Having to know the risks involved and the common mistakes made or vulnerabilities with regards to having a website or an online business for that matter will very much help out a lot. As they say, knowledge is power and information is power.

In the year 2008, a group of Pinoy information security enthusiasts have come together and decided to put up an organization that could change the cyber security mindset of the Filipino people as well as the Philippines. Tired of attending half-cooked and very expensive security conferences, where you get nothing but a bunch of folders full of nothing but vendors and products paraphernalia, the group has decided to offer something different totally in line with the term “Cyber Security” in a real sense.

PinoyGreyHat is an organization that aims to educate the Filipino community the risks and impacts of cyber security flaws by actually demonstrating an attack against well known cyber security vulnerabilities. PinoyGreyHat is an organization with a different mindset but with clear and constructive objectives towards cyber security.

On October 23, 2010 we are giving you a chance to personally see and feel the booze of actual hacking and its impacts against vulnerable systems. A ground breaking event dubbed as “GreyHat Gathering 2: Reloading the Booze” will provide you the epitome of hacking in the real world. It is a 1-day event of highly technical activities from Pinoy information security practitioners and enthusiasts coupled with interesting security challenges such as n00bs camp, hacker exercises and more where you can participate and practice your haxxor skills. The venue of this gathering will be at BayView Hotel, 1118 Roxas Blvd. corner U.N. Avenue, Manila, Philippines.

PinoyGreyHat offers this event to everyone; ethical hackers, security auditors, newbies and scriptkiddies, cyber cops and investigators, black hats, white hats, systems administrators, students, etc.

We are not here for profit but for knowledge, we are not here for prestige but for brotherhood and we are not here to break information systems but to protect them. For more information about this event, visit or email

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