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On May 28, 2010, I was given a chance to expeience some Culinary Adventures through Cebu Blog Camp (As one o the raffled prices) at the Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA). 10 lucky bloggers were given the opportunity to have a cooking party in AICA or Academy for International Culinary Arts in The Gallery, Mabolo.

Kitchen 1

I was late so I was not able to see the so-called some cooking clips shown to us by Chef Nikko Mabugat. Then we were introduced to Chef Joe Mike Lontoc and Chef Marleen Ong. Their background and experience gave us all a view of how competent our teachers are (All were educated in the US in not just prominent and prestigious schools but Restaurants as well).

Kitchen 2 with Novell and Vanjohn's mom

After we had our little introduction they brought us to the main kitchen where we were divided into two groups. The first group was going to do the "Quesadillas" in line to their mexican theme. I wanted to join in there but I opted to try out making some dessert/sweets namely "Churos."

This is one of the Salsa made by the one of the bloggers on kitchen 1 (Can't remember who made this though)

What's a Churos?

Churros, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, are fried-dough pastry-based snacks, sometimes made from potato dough, that originated in Spain.

How about a Quesadillas?

Quesadillas is a Mexican food made primarily of cheese inside a folded corn or wheat tortilla and cooked until the cheese melts. Occasionally a second ingredient is added with the cheese to add variety to the dish. The word comes from Spanish, and literally means "cheesy tortilla".

The Photoblogger himself solving the puzzle of slicing and dicing the vegetables

It was quite entertaining to see my co-bloggers solve the puzzle of cutting/chopping vegetables. I can smell the different vegetables coming together in the 2 kitchens, but it was not long as well when our ingredients started to give off its own scents!

Me "Properly " rolling the Churos on Cinnamon-Sugar Mix

One of the things I learned from our pastry chef is that everything had to be precise and exact. This kind of reminded me of our chemistry class back in college. You could see cooking ingredients and tools accompanied by lots of measuring tools as well.

Deep fried Churos, normally they are baked.

The chocolate dip! Yummmmm

As I look over the other side of the kitchen I saw the AICA Chefs preparing something of their own. Chef Joe Mike prepared a delicious Main course and I had no idea what they called it or I think they mentioned what it was but I can't remember but I was sure it was also Mexican.

Chef Joe Mike's main course

After all the theories and hands on experience, we all proceeded upstairs to have wonderful Mexican Fiesta!!! There was more food than expected and I deliberately stopped myself from devouring the Churos since it is very addictive! At the end of the food fiesta we were treated to a special Margarita drink from Chef Nikko herself.

Let's prepare for a feast!

To be honest, it's my first time to be inside a cooking school and to be in an actual high class Chef's kitchen! It was truly and awesome experience! As what Kung Fu panda said, you'll be blinded with awesomeness and there is simply no price for AWESOMENESS!

Awesomenss number 1: Churos with Chocolate Dip (My masterpiece bwahahah ^_^)

Awesomeness Number 2: Varied Salsa made the bloggers for Quesadillas

Awesomeness number 3: Awesome looking salad

Awesomeness Number 5: Mexican Rice by Chef Joe Mike

Awesomeness Number 6: Awesome looking Mexican Style meat (I'm bad with names)? by Chef Joe Mike

The teachers are wonderful, funny and have loads of stories to tell and because of that you'll realize how time seems so fast. The Chefs mentioned that it's ok to be ignorant and no nothing of cooking unlike the notion in our family that, you are somewhat crucified if you don't know how to cook!

Clado: May I take your Orders? the feast will begin in a moment

Let the Feast begin!

AICA just opened last March 16, 2010 and enrollment is currently ongoing. They have courses varying from 5 or up to 12 month courses. No need to go abroad to learn from the best when the best is right here in Cebu and right now. For more information, visit AICA Culinary page.

Churos Chefs in kitchen 2

Special thanks to Chef Johann Young, Chef Nikko Mabugat (Thanks also for taking our pics using my cam), Chef Joe Mike Lontoc and Chef Marleen Ong for the sumptuous food and also this wonderful opportunity to be under their guidance even for a short time! My experience in this prestigious cooking school, made me want to say this is the Best Cooking School in Cebu!

Photo Credit: Photoblogger, Vernon Go

You may visit this: Academy for International Culinary Arts Cebu
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