Sweet Attack at Dessert Factory

Ayala Center-Cebu Terraces is the place be if you are looking for classy and sophisticated setting for dining. So after a company Sportsfest we needed something to rejuvenate our senses, this led us to Dessert Factory!

Dessert Factory serve more than just those delicious dessert plates but we wanted dessert so the non-dessert palate will have to wait when I go back there. Dessert Factory has a selection of meals that you can choose from, like the Tennessee Pork Barbecue and Steamed Fish Fillet. Sound Tasty? I think so too but I was still full we opted for the cakes for now. Once seated, you receive a menu which contains a surprising number of dishes to choose from.

Ambiance plays a role in one's meal I think and despite other people chit chatting while eating, the place gives off a relaxing and homey environment. The place is modern and comfortable as well with its couches and plush cushioned chairs which is unique with Dessert Factory.

Choco Extreme

Brownie Experience

Brownie Alamode

Eskimo Alamode

Each of us spent in the range of Php75.00 to Php90.00 for dessert excluding beverages. All this, only at Dessert Factory

Salamat sa mga Kuyug nga gikuraw pud: Tier2-Nelson? TL-Lois & Sup-Cherry!!
Sweet Attack at Dessert Factory Sweet Attack at Dessert Factory Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, May 02, 2010 Rating: 5

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