Election 2010 Reminders! No to Vote Buying

Here are some Election 2010 Reminders for a voter to consider before voting this May 10, 2010 1st automated Philippine National Elections.

I have had conversations with friends both online/offline and as well as people discussing who to vote for in Jeepneys. And I can conclude that people have been so used to receiving money from powerful political clans or the like for their votes but have recently been saying (Visayan terms Translated in English) "Accept the cash, but choose the good ones. Secure the future."

Do these politicians have to buy votes? Aren’t they powerful enough to gain position without resorting to vote-buying? Most of my peers think that it is already part of the system and that nothing could be done about it. They will accept the cash but do the right thing.

Despite the good intention but accepting the cash, is it Good? Practical? "Nagkalisud ang mga taw ron so dapat ta practical" (As quoted by one person). On the outside it maybe a sound principle but that is just the same as accepting or choosing the lesser evil. By accepting a bribe from politicians, you make the process continue and that makes you corrupt as well. If you argue and say that you are not corrupt, then what do you call yourself as someone accepting the bribe?

And for some people who choose their bets with the basis of "Hinabang" is really selfish. Why? If the so-called politician did not help you or "Wala na apil sa hinabang," you would not vote for that candidate despite their qualifications, track record, and/or achievements? Adto ka mu-vote sa nakatabang nimo kay "Nakonsensya" (Conscience in English) ka? Even our view of conscience has been corrupted, if you think for yourself then you practically don't care about the country and are you really thinking of the future by encouraging the people to participate in the practice of vote-buying? or even choosing the lesser evil?

Use the LASER Test for your prospective Candidates:

Does the candidate strive to live a modest and simple life as called for by the Philippine Constitution?

Does the candidate manifest the ability to lead for the good of all Filipinos? Does he have any mechanism in the office for him to be transparent and accountable to the public? Does he have a platform and performance record to prove his capability?

How does the candidate treat his/her spouse, family members, relatives and friends? Can the people supporting him be trusted? How does he choose and deal with his election supporters especially those providing funds, so that the journey towards integrity for the common good would not be compromised?

Election conduct
Does the candidate explain his platforms and programs or does he just resort to personal attacks against other candidates? Does he try to win at all cost including buying votes or any of its variations? Does he follow the election laws and the rules and regulations on campaigning? How does he respond to these laws especially the simple law against illegal posters?

Does the candidate have any pending case in court? How does the case/s affect him and his integrity? Is it possible for him to journey towards, or act with integrity in the current political system? How? If nobody except God knows that what he is doing may be wrong, is there a possibility that he will do it? In other words, is he God-fearing?

You can alos use as well the 9 Marks of Genuine Leadership crafted by the RAFI (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.) as a guide for voters to choose our future leaders.

People and service oriented

Engages people as stakeholders and partners; Serves them, primarily and their needs.


Upholds principles and agreements; establishes management measures and promotes respect for the rule of law.

Open and Transparent

Develops and implements mechanisms and processes to declare, manifest and promote shared information and decisions.

Responsive and Decisive

Formulates policies, organizes programs, provides services that meet stakeholder needs and respond to uniqueness of assests.

Fair and Impartial

Ensures that everyone is heard and no one is left behind.

Competent and Effective

Ensure that resources are managed well and that policies, programs and services are achieved with the desired results and outcome.

A Model of Integrity and Spirituality

Integrates outward action and inner values

Consensus Builder

Forges agreements to initiate and sustain relationships

Has strategic Vision and Creativity

Holds long term perspective on governance and development, examines performance, learns from the best and pioneers efforts.

Whoever wins the election will be our President or elected Public servant. No complaints and do throw away your pride cause at the end of the day, we all must serve and help make our country move forward and simply make it BETTER than now. Let us Choose the way of God!

Helpful Sites:
Check your Precinct from Comelec
View Official Ballot for your area Here
Google Precinct Finder

A quick checklist on Election Day:

Bring Your ID (any in the list is allowed):
Voter's ID
Or Any government issued ID with picture

For Students:
Bring student ID and Registration form

Ballot Handling Guidelines:
-Make sure your hands are clean before taking the ballot. Bring a handkerchief to dry your hands.
-Be careful when shading the ballot as you might accidentally draw a line that could invalidate your entire ballot
-Check that the ballot is not yet marked.
-DO NOT leave any marks! (Do not write any smiley, signs, etc as this could invalidate your entire ballot)
-DO NOT fold the ballot!
-DO NOT Over Vote!

Note: The Feeding orientation for PCOS machines are Front page, Front page-reverse, Back page and Back page-reversed.

What if your ballot is rejected?

There will be three (3) different types of messages when the PCOS rejects a ballot:

Review your ballot and ensure that the ovals is fully shaded.
Re-feed the ballot in 4 different orientations.

Re-feed the ballot in 4 different orientations.

Verify to the BEI if the ballot belongs to the precinct.
If the ballot belongs to the precinct, re-feed the ballot in 4 different orientations.

If the ballot belongs to another precinct, return the ballot to the Chairman and the ballot will be marked as "REJECTED".

If your ballot is still rejected, the BEI will mark your ballot as "REJECTED" and all members of the BEI will sign at the back of your ballot and place it inside the Envelope for Rejected Ballots.

There will be NO replacement ballot if rejected by the PCOS machine.
If you want to object to the rejection of your ballot, then you will have to put this in writing and this will be attached to the BEIs' note in the minutes of the elections.
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