5th Managing Your Finances by the Book

The 5th Managing Your Finances by the Book, a Crown Financial Stewardship Seminar on July 16, 2010 at the AIM Conference Center. Managing Your Finances by the Book will start at 9:00am - 5:00pm in AIM Conference Center, Makati City and it is facilitated by Joby Soriano.

This financial stewardship seminar is designed to help participants understand the Biblical principles of handling money and possessions and provide practical workshops to integrate these principles into everyday life. This is a life-changing personal finance seminar focused on transformation and application rather than just information.

Each participant will receive a seminar manual with all the principles and teachings plus a separate workbook with all the practical (confidential) worksheets and forms to guide you in establishing your personal financial plan for your future.

5 Key Principles to Practice
Session 1: God's Part
"Who owns what?" Do you know where your financial resources come from? Am I in control of the bottom line? How can I succeed if my competitors are cheating? What would you do if you lost everything? How do I face this crisis when I have needs to be met? Realizing your silent business partner is actually the one who calls the shots and runs the economy is comforting.

Session 2: Our Part
"What is my role in managing?" I often get stressed out because I am insecure about the future. How come others have more than me? Where do I start in all this? Is there a chance that my business will expand beyond my expectations? Just understand what is required of you and you will be amazed at what you will.

Session 3: Getting Rid of Debt
There has to be a way out of this mess. I'm desperate! My mind is filled with worries my body is drained of life, I don't know where to run! How can I expand my business when I need more capital? If only you understood how your attitude got you in this situation you would never walk down this dead end road. Follow the path to freedom and peace where you will enjoy life to the fullest immediately.

Session 4: Saving & Investing
How much longer will I be able to earn an income? If this crisis turns for the worst, what's my emergency plan? How will my business reach the next level? How can my family be secure if anything happened to me? Will my retirement work for me? Knowing and planning even now will make the difference for your tomorrow.

Session 5: God's Perspective & Contentment
Honestly, I don't need to be super wealthy; I just want to live a simple life. How can I learn to be content? How does my standard of living affect my life? Will my decisions today make an impact in the lives of others? Our journey through life is often focused on the temporal rather than the eternal. Discover that your life is not determined by your circumstances and soar to great heights!

From Principle to Practice
Personal Financial Statement - Determine how much you are worth today
Personal Spending Plan - Tell your money where to go instead of being oblivious to where it went
Debt List - Have a grasp of what you owe in a way that you can break free
Debt Repayment Schedule - This is one of the secrets to freedom from debt
Life Insurance - Determine how much you need and what to buy
Organizing Your Estate - Set your financial house in order and have peace of mind
Holographic Will - Even if you don't plan to die, it's good to be prepared
Financial Goals - You don't ever plan to fail, but if you don't plan you will fail
Working Mothers Evaluation - Is it really the worth your time and effort?
Standard of Living - This workshop can change your life in a matter of days

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