Morning Ritual..?

From my house towards Tulay..Real Life Farmville =)

I've been trying to do a Morning Ritual  lately during my rest days from work. I try to do some stretching, exercise and then do a morning Jog around town. The Route Basically starts from my home and subdivision. After which I passed by practically 2 barangays (Tulay and border of Calajoan?) =)

Shore line

While on route, I passed by the PEPSI Plant-in which I forgot to take a picture with me. After PEPSI, I went to the nearest shore line where another subdivision is nearby which is soon to rise, namely Fonte de Versailles.

I should have gone higher but the overlooking sea might not be seen

From the shore, I walk/Jog/Hike towards the Mercado which is a bit sloped. Then I took off further hiking towards Cecilla's Academy a school along the National Road. Then I decided to further go up onto the 3rd baranay climbing up towards Deca Homes near Barangay Ward 4. Hopefully I can maintain this Morning Ritual for a better, Healthy, Lifestyle!
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