Trying something New, is My Idea of FUN

Trying something New, is My Idea of FUN..FUN is just the same as LOVE, Ask a thousand people to define it and you'll get a thousand different answers. Simply put, it is simple yet complicated-in short, just take the courage to step forward then explore and experience it until you find your own definition.

What is my Idea of FUN?

Trying something New, is My Idea of FUN as what I posted above but there is a tale that needs to be told which led me to this Idea of FUN. Basically when I was on 2nd year college, I promised myself and declared that I will try to be more outgoing and try new things to add that "Spice" into my life. And around 4th year, I started to Blog!

At first it took a whole lot of courage in venturing into something, and even sometimes it took me days to set my mind in just trying to push myself to pursue it. And you know what? It was well worth it! I found joy in doing something for the 1st time, being ignorant but every after new task, or challenge..I found it very satisfying to have accomplished something even if I failed sometimes. And this led eventually to more new ventures in which made it into my Idea of Fun!

In the past two years or so, I have been diligently doing this and through such a journey I gained many friends,  met lots of people and had TONS OF NEW EXPERIENCES! I'll try my best to share to you what I have done since my personal pledge in Trying New things:

Learned new research techniques, Got a Full time job for the 1st time, met public servants like mar roxas and Ace durano, watched a stage play, wathced a cebuano film, Joined an FGD on blogging, tasted lots of new types of food from mexican to Filipino, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American and Korean! Became a president of a non-profit organization, Exercised my right to suffrage, meeting the PCOS machine, Lots of new forms of outreach programs, Joined and got accepted to a scholarship program, Volunteering, Joined a blog camp, conferences and seminars, Cleaned up some political ads/posters, met a celebrity, met our cardinal, learned how to make a dessert,met a lot of bloggers from luzon, visayas and mindanao! Visited our local museums, joined a cosplay, bought a gadget with my own money, venturing into financial investments, tried out the world's 1st Edge Coaster, Ziplining..Ok I'm exhausted a bit, but you get the idea..Trying new things can become addictive but it doesn't matter as long as you are doing something FUN and spreading the HAPPINESS! 

What do I mean by spreading the Happiness? I am a blogger, hence I need to share these experiences with my readers (If there are any..) so that they to will be inspired, if not compelled to go out, embrace, rejoice and live there LIFE! Try Something New!

Disclaimer: Such experiences and New stuff I have done are by all means not contrary to law, does not compromise my morals, and to a certain extent, some are so simple or even CHEESY to say the least.

And if you want to copy my idea of fun, then by all means feel free to do it! If you feel some FEAR, well that is the 1st obstacle, but if you really wanna have fun, one must 'Feel the fear and do it anyway.' What is your Idea of FUN?

Trying Something New, is My Idea of Fun!
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