Crazy Month @ CoffeeCat Cebu!

The name 'CoffeeCat' is quite tricky since this is the first time that I’ve encountered a coffee shop that serves yogurt at the same time. And ever since I went there, I prefer there yogurt over the coffee >_<. I've been here for about 3 times as of this blog post, the 1st was with my FORMER Workmates at a BPO Firm in JY Square; the 2nd time was with 4 Bloggers on the same day at different times; 3rd was during the Blogger Fiesta: 11th Anniversary.

Yogo with Walnut-Chocolate Syrup and orange toppings

Yogo with Brownie and Mandarin Orange Toppings

I forgot how they called their Fraups but the flavors are Mocha, Chocolate and Vanilla, respectively
CoffeeCat first came into the scene last May 2009 in Torres Street, Davao City, and now Coffeecat creates another milestone with its second branch, this time in Cebu, at the Asiatown IT Park’s newest high-rise development, the eBloc Tower. The Asiatown IT Park branch is Coffeecat’s first foray into the exciting Cebu market. Coffeecat serves the pure goodness of 100% premium Arabica coffee, making it not just another brew in the City but also some CoffeeCat Yogo's.

Outdoor Venue right outside Coffeecat
Outside View/Facade

My 1st time on the month of July with former co-workers Jacob and Ate CHAT
The name ‘Coffeecat’ is the product of an intriguing play of words coupled with a serendipitous association to a cat-sized mammal called a civet cat, which has a close affinity towards coffee berries. The concept for Coffeecat was born out of a dream of creating a new type of meeting place –one that mixes modern, industrial, and minimalist elements yet retains a warm and cozy ambiance for good conversations, great beverages and delectable dishes.

Interior Minimalist Design Sampler
This was my during my 2nd time on the same month with Ericson for some Biz Dealings :) (Forgot what he ordered)
I do appreciate like how they have the names printed on stickers made to stick on the cup instead of using the cheap quick pen on the go but it's a waste of paper at the same time though.

Green Tea Yogo Flavour with Oreo and Mandarin Orange Topping (it's obvious that I like the Orange)
This was for Mikyu, with my name on the side: Original Yogo with M&M's and nuts if I am not mistaken
Comments, Reactions, Reviews?

-Overall feel & Design: The first thing you will notice about the place is the awesome minimalist design. It is eye catching and provides a 'Different' FEEL. The furniture and the very simple feel that it gives out is quite interesting as well and its a very comfy place to read something or study for students.

IE's and (3rd time in Coffeecat)
-FOOD Choices: The drinks are reasonably competitive to like other coffee shops (So I guess you know the price range already) and a variety of delicacies, coffee and yogo to choose from. The Yogurt is definitely what most of the people are after (AND ME!).

before aimee, miyu and I left, then came
-Location: The place and it is quite situated in a secluded area, away from the busy City which gives it a feel of exclusivity and it is not found anywhere else in Cebu unlike other coffee shops.

DAMN this always get lost in my tongue but at the end of its title is "Dipped in Rice Flakes"
-On Weefee: They have an outlet where you can connect your Laptop/Netbook/Tablet or the like BUT the Wi-fi connection is intermittent from the multiple times I have been there.

This was during the the Meetup on its 11th Anniversary with local, luzon and mindanao blogger-guests: - - - - korean girl Her name is Noelle
If you have an online job or just simply want to blog there, it would be best to have a consistent internet connection. But this place is great for weekend get-togethers, meetings, e/book reading or just plain chit chat with friends. So, is the place worth checking out? Well, I just came there! AHHAHA So much for the Crazy Month at CoffeeCat Cebu!
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