Donate bags for Backpack for a Cause

Backpack for a Cause
We donated bags for Backpack for a Cause just this weekend after my lecture in CIT University. You can visit this entry Backpack for a Cause for more information. We donated 2 backpacks and one sling bag. We opted to avail of the 20% Trade-in discount to by my sister and myself a brand new backpack and at the same time helping with the Backpack for a Cause campaign.

Bags to donate
We made our purchase in Ayala Center Cebu - Active Zone, specifically in R.O.X. Adventure Shop for Backpack for a Cause.

@ R.O.X. - Ayala, Active Zone

R.O.X. Personnel organizing the donated bags

Bought 2 Bags, Jansport for my Sis and High Sierra for me :)

Me and my sis w/ the R.O.X. personnel with the managers and supervisors at back
Once again, your bag/s (whatever it may be) may be one's child's inspiration and motivation to study well and finish their schooling. Do share your blessings. Do Pay it forward. and Make a child Happy! :)
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