Facebook @ 500 Million users

To facebook addicts, users, enthusiasts and fans, you are now part of Internet history and helped Facebook achieve a gigantic milestone – reaching 500 million users! Facebook co-founder, CEO and President Mark Zuckerberg made the it officially known last, July 21st on the facebook official blog. . If Facebook was a country of its own, it would be the 3rd most populous nation in the entire world putting it behind India and China which both have a population of over 1 billion. That is a FACT!

As part of their celebration, Facebook launched a new application called “Facebook Stories” – a collection of user-submitted stories about Facebook’s impact on people’s lives. These stories will be categorized by themes and locations around the world.

I still like Facebook because it lets me connect with my family, friends and even long lost relatives or relatives whom I’ve never met before and of course you cans stalk your crushes (Evil smirk). It also allows me to reach out to other people, my blog readers, share and have some every now and then heated and intellectual exchange of ideas and opinions, ask advise, or get to draw motivation and insights from other people! And I almost forgot, it also helps you get things “NOT” done, so let us start to moderate our facebook use since too much of anything can become a problem. :D

Oh by the way, I suggest you try out the Facebook Stories App now! You can submit and share your own story and read hundreds of others on Facebook Stories. You can also share your own Facebook Story, or if not, please do share your thoughts.

Also shown below is the Guardian UK's post on the list of countries and the percentage of penetration for each as well. Philippines is at 16% if you can't see it clearly.

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