A Cultural Encounter: Pinoy-Dutch Explore 5

Fun fact: the Dutch are the Tallest people in the world

Pinoy-Dutch Explore 5 is a program of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) in which they recently hosted the yearly Pinoy-Dutch eXplore (PiDeX) from July 13 to August 2.

The Youth Integration is anchored on the sister city relationship between Cebu City and Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands, PiDeX aims to promote knowledge-sharing, cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, and development service among young global citizens.

Although I wasn't able to participate in all the Pinoy Dutch eXplore 5 programs, being an YMA Alumnus and ALEx (Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence) Member, I was able to steal an encounter with them. Under this three-week voluntary work-immersion program, the Dutch/Belgian youth delegates went through immersion activities that cover various areas, including environment, children, education, health, culture and heritage, and leadership.

I was not able to meet them all but I still learned a lot from them as well. The two encounters I had with them, was during the Children's Festival 2010 last July and a recent Media Briefing early August just before they went back to their home countries. Here are just some of them that I have met/encountered.

Kim Walgraeve – Pioneer delegation from Kortrijk, Belgium, she's 25 years old and a 1st Grade Teacher
Thomas van der Veen – Meerladen Youth Cebu, 2nd time in Cebu, Philippines, 21 years old and a College student - nautical course
Nanda van Dijk – Meerlanded Youth-Cebu 5th time, Adult Leader
Stephan Elst (adult leader),
Werner Alexander de Wiljes,
Thijme “Thymer” Sebastiaan van brunschot

It's always good to see how an outsider observes one's culture for from there we can work on our shortcomings so we can grow and be better.
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