Dasig Kabataan

Dasig Kabataan was one of the Beneficiaries of Mandaue Run For life 2010. Dasig Kabataan helps make a better society by empowering youth through culture change and entrepreneurship. They create and implement programs that are designed to show the contrast of their present lives with respoect to the lives the youth can live.

Here are some SAD Facts that some of our Youth face and the general situation of Out of school youth:
The Philippines is number 6 in the world for Juvenile Crimes
36M Filipinos are marginalized
16M Live on less than Php50.00 per day
16M only eat 1 meal a day
4.6M Out of School youth
2.6M are in the age range of 7-16 years old

Financial Poverty only sets the condition. It is the poverty of Good Guidance, Wise Counsel and poor sense of morality that really destroys our youth.

Through Dasig Kabataan, Dasig Kabataan beneficiaries will be able to see, learn and explore or experience living an empowered life for our hours a day. At the same time, they will be inspired and equipped with the proper formation, knowledge, skills and tools to conquer their dogma and live a truly positive existence rather than their present subsistence.

Dasig Kabataan's Youth Empowerment Curriculum:

Personal Awareness
Personal Management
Values Formation
Discipline Formation
Health Awareness
Leadership Training
Non-Sectarian Spiritual Development

Dasig Kabataan's strategy is to develop and implement an effective, low-cost, self-sustaining and culturally & religiously impartial program. These programs by Dasig Kabataan can be implemented in almost any locality with minimal need for adaptive change to help transform these impoverished youth from being burdens of society to becoming role models and help inspire the rest to choose the better way.

At the same time, Dasig Kabataan will be enjoining the help, cooperation and support of Local Governments Non-Government Organizations, Educational Institutions and the populace. With these assitance, Dasig Kabataan will progressively implement in the baranays and cities in the province of cebu.

For more information:

Dasig Kabataan
419 L. Jayme Ext, Bakilid,
Mandaue City 6012
Phone: 032 345 3924
Email: dasigkabataan@yahoo.com
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