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weeee im in the newspaper? ahahaha mabaw kayo kog kalipay! I received a text message from my cousin, early morning, saying that my face is in the newspaper! And it was something about Rating P-Noy in Sunstar Youth section with a matching name: Vernon Joseph Go ~ blogger/Industrial Engineer. I said to myself, oh yeah someone there contacted me not so long ago. So I bought one since my mom suddenly knew about it and wanted a copy to have it laminated ASAP..waaaaaaah!

Wala tay ma-hems and I saw it myself! Special thanks to Karl Aries Emerson F. Cabilao for contacting me and photo-scan (Above pic) credit to him as well! If you can't really read it in the photo, here is a re-typed version of my Rating P-Noy response:

It is difficult to truly determine that for now. As what he has exposed during the SONA, this country indeed has lots of problems to deal with and a long way to go. I'd give him a "7." I am basing that from the people he has surrounded himself with and his call for not just critiques but also solutions. I give him a thumbs up, too, for his affirmation that we are his "bosses." I hope that the "bosses" will also do their part and not just sit around and wait for the problem to be solved by just one man, or worse, be part of the problem.

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To be specific, the post is on the Youth Section under 'Zup!~Boomerang

Rating P-Noy in Sunstar Rating P-Noy in Sunstar Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Monday, August 16, 2010 Rating: 5

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