Year of the Fire Monkey 2016 for Fire Rabbits

Infernape Pokemon - A Fire Monkey or Ape

A new year is coming up, and with 2016 comes the Year of the Fire Monkey!! I used to this yearly a couple of years back and I am doing this forecasting as well! Just like all forecasts, it doesn't mean it's going to happen unless you make it! This is just for fun but a good guidance to start the year off!!

On Feb. 8, the zodiac calendar enters the Year of the Monkey — the ninth of 12 animal signs. Since my sign is that of the fire rabbit, this post will solely focus on how the fire rabbits will fair this year of the fire monkey!

These forecasts/predictions/horoscope/whatever you call it were gathered from various sources from the internet and classified into the following order:

People will find you to offer a career opportunity or business relationship. And you will have a very good cooperative experience with the new boss or partner. We can look forward to salary increases if you are an employee and increase in earnings for business.

General Fortune:
It's going to be a good people relationship year, though I'm not sure if it's general or a specific relationship with a significant other. Everything will come our way which generally results in  very satisfactory outcome most of the time.

This year will be a 'delicate' health-year for rabbits. Be mindful of the workload you are taking for stressful work situations can take its toll. We must be careful of accidents in the face or head, which might leave scar on it or so the forecast says. We must also pay attention on our arms, legs, liver and the nervous system.

Job Change:
If a company offers you a new position, then you can consider to take it. Don't miss the career opportunity. Hmmmm

There is a strong love relationship between Rabbit and Monkey. If you are looking for love, then it's a good time to take action. If you are in love, then you could think about the deeper relationship or marriage. If you have family, then the opposite sex is still attractive to you.

Social Circle:
You're the favorite person in your group. You will win good reputation from everybody.


Your reputation will help you to create money making opportunities. Fame and wealth will come together. But, the major income still comes from the job. The first half of the year will have excellent earnings but it should not be spent on unnecessary items. Large investments for the future should be considered while all pending loans should be cleared. You must continue to work on your strong financial skills to make sensible decisions.

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin nian quai le!

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