Thinking about Running?

Thinking about Running?
Well, I have been jogging early morning 2-3 times a week for a month before I left my previous employer around Minglanilla lungsod area. And I also stopped for about almost a month since my Dad arrived from abroad for his vacation.

Aboitiz Race to Reduce Challenge PressCon 2010 with Theresa Gonzales ederiosa & Raffy T. Uytiepo
I had the chance to observe an actual running event through the Mandaue Run For Life 2010, an event initiated by MCCI's Mandaue Business Movement 2010. And now I have been joining some press-conferences on running like the recently concluded Aboitiz Race to Reduce Challenge. (See Results in Cebu Running)

Mandaue Run For Life 2010

Dora Runs Too!

Bloggers' Run

Me and Siloy during the Mandaue Run for Life 2010: What Issue?! -Photo by jejesa

Run to the Finish line!

Supposed to be a 9week Beginner's 5k Plan but I'll take it slow; Source: cool running dot com
The photo above is what I'll probably try to follow first before joining my 1st running event, I know my own body so I need preparation. Oh, I still need some running gear and aside from that I'm still picking my poison in joining my 1st Photo Contest? There are almost always Photo Contests in Running events, so perhaps while I'm training, I'll probably Join one too? Wish me LUCK on these two random ventures!

Are you thinking of Running too?

See more photos on Mandaue Run For Life 2010 HERE!
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