Tsinelas' Their Books 3

Tsinelas Association Inc.'s Their Books 3 will be this coming Sept. 24, 25, 26, 2010 as part of the Cebu Press Freedom Week celebration. Their Books now on its third year, won Tsinelas the prestigious TAYO (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations of the Philippines) awards in 2009.

THEIR BOOKS” is an award-winning fund-raising project of Tsinelas participated in by writers, columnists, editors, musicians, painters, media practitioners, teachers, the academe, politicians and other prominent personalities in Cebu. These people are asked to donate books from their personal collections. The books are then put on sale for the public. Hence, the name “Their Books.”

Tsinelas Association Inc. (Tsinelas) is a non-government organization that provides assistance to poor students in depressed areas in Cebu. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as non-profit.

One of Tsinelas' ways to raise funds is by holding a book sale every year. The books we sell are donated by book lovers and some of Cebu’s prominent media personalities. They call the sale “Their Books.”

Through “Their Books,” you don’t only raise funds for Tsinelas' projects, but also promote reading by providing the public with affordable but quality books. Be part of this campaign by donating some books from your collection. By donating, you are not only helping children stay in school, you are also helping us promote reading.

For inquiries, call/text 09228243800 or 09274864146, or visit the official website tsinelas.org.
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