Grigory Potosky and Russian Culture

Grigory Pototskiy installed 60 monuments in many countries around the world. In Canada, Quebec City – the monuments to Pushkin and to Nelligan; in Germany, Hemmer, Turkey, Greece, Philippines, USA, Russia – monuments to Pushkin; in Japan, Tokyo – the monuments to Chekhov, to Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo), and to St. Nicholas Archbishop Japanese; in Bulgaria, Sofia – a monument to the Mother of God; in Turkey, the city of Demre – a monument to St. Nicholas, a monument to Peace, and a monument "Beginning"; just to name a few.

Pototsky has been twice published in the Encyclopedia "People of our Millennium," awarded with a sculptural composition "Man of the Millennium." He has been published three times in the book "The World’s Elite.” He has been awarded with numerous honors of many public organizations, including the Order of "Honorary Citizen of Russia."

It's nice to listen and interact with someone from another culture, this was through the Philippine-Russian Business Forum and Expedition 2010!

Some of his achievements of Grigory Potosky to name a few:

  • President of International Academy of Kindness, sculptor, painter
  • 1954, born in exile – the township of Malyshevo, Kurgan region.
  • 1977, graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture at the Odessa State Art University named after Grekov, Odessa.
  • 1986, graduated from Kishinev State University.
  • 1985, Member of the Union of Artists.

He also recently installed a bust of Tolstoy here in cebu. Also, he did a live demo of main a bust/sculpture of Hon. Pablo Garcia. An interesting observation I had with some Russians is that, we need to look outside the box more, for instance-they appreciate our fashion accessories and furniture and yet for some of us we view it as "CHAKA" or the like. Another interesting point that Mr. Pototsky gave is that in Filipino Culture, we make busts or sculptures to honor DEAD people; whilst on their end, they honor someone who is still alive to celebrate his life achievements and as a way of thanks to that person, t'was quite a different perspective indeed.

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