TSIM SHA TSUI Ayala Terraces

I was lucky and stumbled with the Blogger behind LaagCebu.com (His Identity shall remain anonymous here due to the nature of laag-cebu's full time job? ;D) and got treated to lunch at TSIM SHA TSUI. When arriving in Cebu for the 1st time from my luzon trip, I got a little home sick and made laag2 around Cebu before actually going home since I arrived early morning around 8am (So I did this before lunch).

Tsim Sha Tsui
interesting light fixture
inside interior design
It was my 1st time in stepping inside the Tsim Sha Tsui, despite always going to Ayala Terraces. For my food choices, I played safe and chose common food found in Chinese restaurants in Cebu to be able to compare them.

Steam Rice - more meat than rice which is interesting
My Favorite
Something new - Chicken Siomai
Chicken Feet Siomai
Thank the heavens for Iced Tea!
The place had a different feel from other Chinese Food shops, since it had bright lights and add to that the bright colors used in its interior design. It's not the usual chinese designs although they are there too but not as much as the traditional ones. Will definitely come back and try the other specialities and that Tsim Sha Tsui Siomai Bar of theirs.

Fun Fact: Tsim Sha Tsui is actually a place in Kawloon, HK XD
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