Majestic Express @ Robinsons-Lawaan

Our family had a sudden craving for a quick chinese meal, so we went off to the nearest and cheapest one, Majestic Express @ Robinsons-Lawaan. The Majestic Express @ Robinsons-Lawaan is the nearest one among the available chinese restaurants, fast food chains and the like.

Robinsons Lawaan
Robinsons Supermarket inside
Food Court Area
Food Choices

The next one will be the MAJESTIC Restaurant which is a little further than this one and then to Gaisano Tabunok area where there is Chowking and Dimsum Break, but we just decided to be in Majestic Express @ Robinsons-Lawaan.

Fried Rice with Sweet and Sour Pork, Pansit and Siomai
Plain Rice, Pansit, Siomai, Sweet and Sour Fish
waiting to eat together is torturing my sis XD
The Majestic Express is a section within the Robinsons-Lawaan Food Court wherein we ate our meals which is also near the Robinsons Supermarket.
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