Pig Out! Your Family Grill House

While on tour in Manila-Laguna for the various Ayala Land Properties, we had some late lunch at the PIG OUT! FAMILY GRILL HOUSE in NUVALI Laguna. We arrived to the place via there docking area where TAXI Boats are available :P. It was my 1st time travelling via a Taxi Boat through a creek of sorts.

zen view @ Nuvali
Taxi Boats!!!
Fountain while Travelling via Taxi Boat
Docking area
Pig Out's Outside view
Coi Feeding
There is a bit of walking distance before you can see Pig Out! Your Family Grill House! The place is very scenic and calming and add to that some Coi Feeding that you can do before and after we ate our meals.

inside pig out
Pig Out! Staff dance!
The place is very interesting, the setup is a mix of a 'restauranty feel' while still has that impression of a grill house type of interiors. While waiting or even during the course of your meals, you will be entertained via various played music only or even videos available! Aside from that, the Pig Out Staff, even there Manager will entertain you with a Dance Number together with the music being played while you are eating or finished.

Fried Calamares with lemon and sour cream sauce
Grilled pork glazed in veggies and calamansi
some sort of Pork stock soup with some veggies and the rice is immediately gone! :P
Wrapped banana with melted/caramelized sugar
The food they serve range from soup, grilled meat, chicken and fish--just like any other types of grill house restaurants. I'd say the food is good, not great but I give them a WIN for the overall customer experience, the staff was super accommodating and were very entertaining which really took me by surprise!
Pig Out! Your Family Grill House Pig Out! Your Family Grill House Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Rating: 5

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