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MY JOY is one of the pioneers in Cebuano fastfood dining, serving its distinct brand of Cebuano fun-dining for over 20 years now. MyJoy has two store locations, one in OsmeƱa boulevard in Colon and another at the 3rd Level, Ayala Center Cebu (Where we ate).

MyJoy Ayala Center Cebu Interior
Before Jollibee, McDonals, there was only MyJoy in Cebu and was the only fastfood in the downtown area of Cebu City. I have a vaguely fuzzy memory about the then MacJoy with its funky Pinkish theme but I knew that it was here in Cebu when COLON was the Heart of Cebu's Business District and the hip MALLING area before the big malls came.

MyJoy HotDog
MyJoy Taco
MyJoy PorkChop w/ Rice
They have quite the accommodating staff and if your are looking for fastfood wherein anything goes, MyJoy is definitely for you since there food choices are quite diverse to anyone's liking.

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About MyJoy:

Considered as one of the pioneering Fastfood shops here in CEBU, My Joy (formerly MacJoy) is known for their delicious burgers, spaghetti, rice combos and their mouth-watering Halo2x.

Starting out as a small fast food joint that catered to Cebuanos looking for a fun and convenient dining experience laden with choices that suit their tastes.

With its broad range of food choices that encompasses the regular fast food variety, its clean and well-maintained food outlets and its signature store atmosphere that reflects the estactic energy of a true Cebuano Dinner. My Joy has become an experience Cebuanos have come to cherish through the years.
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