Pinoy Blogging in #BlogFest Asia 2010

One of the talks in that event in Malaysia (#BlogFest Asia 2010) was Organizing People in the Cyber and Real World by Mark Aethen Agana (see his blog here).

Thank You Aethen for mentioning Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSI) and I am happy that some malaysian bloggers were interested in such a topic especially the Areas of Opportunity in which I mentioned in the slide in which Aethen shared as well! #BlogFest Asia 2010 was definitely an interesting event!

The (6) Six Areas of Opportunity in blogging as I see it are:

Individual – Personal/Professional Dev’t.
Business - Promoting a blogging generation of internet-based techno/social entrepreneurship
Community - To become proactive citizens promoting the dev’t of our community, country and culture.
National – Partnering with other blogging organizations & knowledge sharing
International – Share what we do and know
Media – Blogging as a distinct form of Media

Mabuhay to Pinoy Blogging in #BlogFest Asia 2010!

You can visit john shen lee's blog for more info! Photo Credits to him as well!

About Aethen:

Met him in Cebu via Global Xchange program of British Council; See Below for his achievements which is also found in his blog:

  • National Finalist, Top 70 Ayala Young Leaders, Ayala Foundations, Inc. (2007)
  • National Awardee, 2008 Most Outstanding Volunteer - Youth Category (December 8, 2008) National Volunteers Month (NVM) and National Economic and Development Alliance (NEDA) 
  • National Finalist, Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino Awards 2010 (September 10, 2010)
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  1. This is great information. I totally agree with all six areas of oppurtunities. I'm a neophyte blogger and I'm already beginning to engage myself in blogging communities. My social media marketing also develops me into a more knowledgeable entrepreneur and makes me improve my personality as well. Most of all, not only blogging makes my mind sharp, it helps me to cooperate more on what the country and the world need in terms of information.

  2. Vernon, thanks for sharing your ideas also. It was fun talking about MBS and CBS during the event. Thanks again ;)