Opportunities in Blogging Talk for EXIST

At the Techbar, My turn to talk on Opportunities in Blogging
I was invited, together with other bloggers in Cebu and Manila to talk about blogging in Exist. This is inline with EXIST's activation of social media in their company. I chose the Opportunities in Blogging Talk for EXIST as a topic so their employees will see areas of opportunities or engagement that will help them in terms of the direction of their blog if ever they already have one or still going to make a blog.

I was informed that EXIST wanted to be able to train their people on blogging and get them to be excited about blogging, so that they can start blogging. Exist obviously recognizes the power of blogging and are engaging their employees in another level through personal or corporate blogging.

Despite having speaking engagement invitations in the past, this is my first time doing it for a company and its employees. T'was quite a unique and learning experience for a frustrated speaker like myself. Definitely learned a lot from the audience in terms of reference for future related talks and also about myself and the things I still need to work on to improve my presentations.

About EXIST:
EXIST specializes in developing enterprise software, interactive web applications, and technology software solutions for US, Asia Pacific, and Australia headquartered organizations. The EXIST HQ is in the Philippines, but Exist also has offices at the IT centers in Ortigas City and Cebu City. EXIST also have offices in Los Angeles, California, and Australia. You may visit the EXIST Site for more info.

Opportunities in Blogging Talk for EXIST Slides below:

Blog talk exist

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Photo Credit: Photos from Warner (Agnes' Friend)
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