Traveling with the Libotero

It was a unique experience Traveling with the Libotero. T'was an interesting experience indeed. You don't need to really interview a traveler, just observe what they do and add one's experience in travelling as well. It's like creating a profile of how they behave and what they do (Or I'm just watching too much Criminal Minds).

T'was my second time riding on an airplane, since High school, a lot of changes to experience and absorb. Then, the Flight attendants do a Demo of the safety measures and contingencies while now it's a standardized recorded video.

On my 1st travel venture I pretty much failed to document it at the time because I was not yet a camwhore then nor did I have any related interest in documenting or taking photos for that matter; But one thing remains the same since my last travel venture, the Flight Attendants are still VITAMINS FOR THE EYES.

Libotero, Me, Aethen and master Heno?
The Trip was sponsored and I still have to make the posts I owe them, so many thanks to them as well. Met-up wit Mark Aethen Agana, whom I Featured Here with some TOSP & YMA peeps in Greenbelt. Here are some of my Take-aways from the Travel Escapade:

  • Travelling is awesome and yet financially draining - Despite being sponsored, you need pocket money for bring-homes or emergencies.
  • Enjoy yourself, despite stressors abound, it's part of the experience.
  • It's educational - you get to see things that you may not see again or that is not in your home town/city.
  • Meet People - You'll meet some people that you expect and also you don't expect (Like Cougars, social climbers and the like? -HAHA!)

That's about it, it's generally described but the amount of knowledge and wisdom one gains from travelling is truly priceless indeed! Can't wait to share what I see and learned!
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