Pilipinas Kay Ganda vs WoW Philippines

First reaction to this is #1: Who came up with this? and #2: Did they do consultations to foreigners or Filipinos? There many points to consider in the PROPOSED or already implemented slogan of Pilipinas Kay Ganda.

Dear DOT,

If it ain't broke, why fix it? And it's the people's money too. You may want to take a look at my points below and some suggestions.

Let's WoW the tourists together!

My list below is based from my conversational exchanges online through facebook, twitter, plurk and the like. Some points and suggestions below that may need to be reviewed, considered or looked at:


  • If it's a National Slogan to encourage local tourists then I'm totally for it, if not then please change it or stick to WOW PHILIPPINES.
  • Takes time to read though, and it does not eliminate the language barrier that easily~even with some definition, and pronunciation guide.
  • Can they even say or pronounce it at will?


  • Ask any visitor to the Philippines what they love best about the country, and the answer is almost always about the beautiful scenery and the warmth of its people. But how do we put that into words (Plus points for Pilipinas kay Ganda).
  • But WOW Reaches or can be interpreted in many ways; Universally easy to remember and always is inclined in a positive manner.
  • Had someone comment that it may be interpreted as the usual stereotype in the Philippines such as a porn site of sorts due to thinking that kay ganda can be related to sexy or something.
  • It's difficult to balance perception and not be misunderstood by foreigners or worse, Filipinos..for me WOW has the potential or is already giving a positive light on our country despite the crazy travel advisories here and there.
  • We just need to give/show them something to be WOWed..7100+ islands, adventures, cultures and traditions to choose from.


  • Cost-wise, this is a waste of money, seriously. Hiring people to do market research or the related Research and Development to come up with PILIPINAS KAY GANDA definitely takes some budget. 
  • Add to that the cost of a new domain name and NEW materials for the NEW SLOGAN to boot.


  • PILIPINAS is how we Filipinos call our country, and using the vernacular form instead of the more familiar English ‘Philippines’ captures the renewed pride and hope that we’re feeling.
  • Someone commented on one of our online discussions that: they are for the NEW Slogan since its more Filipino. ~Well I'm all for Cultural and being Filipino 1st, but as it is right now, it does not work for me.
  • The line ‘Kay Ganda!’ is a common Filipino phrase that literally means ‘So beautiful!’ It can be used to express appreciation for anything, from landscapes, to people, music, food and even attitude. But Tagalog does not really represent the other 160 +/- or so Languages in our country despite being the national language.
  • If you're gonna compromise, I'll go for WOW PILIPINAS!


  • Stickiness factor - YES for LOCAL, NO-NO for Potential Tourists
  • Simplicity - In a pinoy interpretation, it is. For foreigners, well reading it is not simple to begin with.
  • WOW Philippines is already established internationally and went through multiple DOT secretaries already, so far it is working, it may be challenging to enhance it or take it to the next WOW. 
  • Use Bloggers, Social Media, It's cheaper in a sense since we bloggers want to contribute something to our country too.

In Comparison (We can learn from their advertisements since we are bombarded by it too, from music, showcases from food, culture, dance, music, beaches, environment, animals, urban, lifestyle and so on.):
  1. Live it up in Singapore/Uniquely Singapore/Your Singapore
  2. Incredible India 
  3. Malaysia. Truly Asia.
  4. Korea, the Soul of Asia (if I'm not mistaken--though they changed it multiple times with Rain in it before)
  5. There's nothing like Australia
  6. Greece, the true Experience
  7. Amazing Thailand

It boils down to managing perceptions, of someone familiar of the Philippines or not. And for me WOW means, expect something FUN and unexpected or just imagine the possibilities..

I'm obviously against the existing and for WOW Philippines. I can suggest perhaps for WOW, they can revamp or enhance it further. Let's say WOW Philippines/Pilipinas - more than the usual moments..or 7,100 moments and counting..Or something like Philippines/Pilipinas, where Major-major things happen (Bongang-bongang happenings..:P) or Philippines - expect Major-major...hahahaha..ok It's a bit crazy, it's so crazy it just might work eh?
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