Cebu (LDS) Mormon Temple Trip

I am not a mormon but this is one of cebu's newest Landmark and they provide a guided tour. Lucky for us a friend's friend who is a mormon and part of the community toured and educated us about the (Cebu [LDS] Mormon Temple) place.

Back View of the Temple
The Cebu Temple is Located at Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines which spans about 11.6 acres and a Total Floor Area: 29,556 square feet. The temple is the 133rd worship center in the world for the church founded by American John Smith in 1830. No figures were given about the cost of the construction or the acquisition of the 4.7 hectare hilltop land once owned by a Cebu family in barangay Lahug.

Group Photo Op
Oh himala!
The Mormon facility includes a Patron House or dormitory, administration building, a separate building for the highest church elders in the Vis-Min area. It also houses a chapel that serves as meeting house, aside from the temple as the center of worship. The temple rises 140 feet and topped with the gilded statue of the angel Moroni, a Biblical figure who is considered an ancient prophet by the LDS.

Dinner @ Canteen
A briefer on LDS Cebu history:

American Mormon servicemen who were in the Philippines during the liberation period in 1944 were the first to organize LDS meetings in the Philippines. By 1973, according to, the LDS had 13,000 Filipino members. Today the Church of the LDS claims 630,000 members throughout the Philippines. There are 20,000 LDS members in Cebu City to date and growing!
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