How to get Bo's Coffee Doodle Set

The Doodle Set is your Ultimate Doodling Companion! At Bo’s Coffee, we take doodling very seriously or not. It might seem strange for anyone to be serious about doodling but it's a way for creative people to really let loose and express there current-immediate thoughts.

Bo’s Coffee has thus created the ultimate doodling companion: the Doodle Set.

The Set includes three items: the Doodle Mug, Doodle Book, and Doodle Colored Pencils. Bo’s Coffee customers may avail of these three items by filling up their sticker cards from October 15, 2010 to January 30, 2011.

Doodle Colored Pencils is a pack of three colored pencils that are ready to brighten up your doodles!

So you think that you know about doodling?

Doodling is an activity for the bored and the listless, done while listening to a dull teacher or while enduring a long-winded conversation on the phone or so you think? But what we don’t realize is that doodling is really an intelligent activity.

Jackie Andrade, a psychology professor in the UK, proved through research that doodling aids memory. She had 40 people go through a monotonous phone conversation, with half of them doodling and half of them not. The doodling group remembered 29% more of the details as opposed to the ones who weren’t doodling.

1. Other psychologists assert that doodling helps to bring out a person’s ideas and emotional state.
2. Sometimes, words aren’t enough to express our thoughts and feelings, so doodling somehow draws them out of us.

The Doodle Mug is an elegantly-boxed white mug, adorned with friendly advice such as “go home early,” “pray” and “read a new book.” It’s great for sipping coffee while doodling.

And where should you do the doodling? The Doodle Book is here for all kinds of people: the creative and spontaneous can take advantage of our unruled pages, planning buffs will find their organization needs satisfied with our day and month planning pages, and perennial note-takers will enjoy our ruled note pages.

This year’s Doodle Book features something new: two Treats Pages. Doodle Book owners will be able to avail of exclusive promos through these Treats Pages. The first is “Tuesdays with Bo.” Each Tuesday, Doodle Book owners may avail of a free cookie with the purchase of one tall brewed coffee between 11 am and 1 pm or 6 pm and 8 pm. The second Treat Page entitles a customer to the free item of the month (e.g. Lemon Square, Short Hot Americano) if he/she purchases at least P220 worth of Bo’s Coffee items from 11 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm. These promos are valid from January 1 until December 31, 2011 only.

To get your own Doodle Set, simply follow these steps:
  • Get your frequency card from any Bo's Coffee outlet
  • For every purchase worth P200, you get one sticker
  • Accumulate 10 stickers and get a Doodle Mug
  • Add another five and get a Doodle Book
  • Add one more and get Doodle Colored Pencils
Additional info.:
  • You may redeem a sticker from any Bo’s Coffee branch as long as the purchase requirement is met.
  • The promo ends on January 30, 2011. You may redeem your Doodle Set items until March 31, 2010 at any Bo's Coffee branch.
  • The customer may combine a maximum of two (2) stamp cards, to total 16 stamps. Accumulated receipts shall not be honored.
  • The promo covers all Bo's Coffee branches and all food and drink items, as well as venue rentals (consumable portion only).
Start getting your own Bo's Coffee Doodle Set now!
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