A day with Australians

Kangaroo Shake Demo with Australian youth

Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence (ALEx) members was given a chance to participate in a short but awesome youth interaction exchange with Australian youth just recently. There group is  the Sandhurst Australian youth group who stopped by Casa Gorordo to visit and immerse themselves in Cebu's Culture, History and Heritage. They come from different schools though but came together for the tour in our very own Philippines.

Some of the Girls during the outdoor activities
After a late lunch with them, we were given the chance to talk to them and ask them questions and vice versa. I learned so much from our quick chit-chat and hopefully they learned a lot from me too. I felt as if I was some sort of "Tour Guide" or an "Ambassador" since they were casually asking questions during the museum tour in Casa Gorordo and also asking about how to say "Good Morning, or You're Crazy!" in Bisaya which we happily taught them and also they happily conversed with us while using the newly learned words as if they lived here =)

Group Picture x2
The ALEx youth participated and interacted with the Australian Youth to have an exchange of thoughts ideas and explore cultural similarities. Such programs are truly awesome and we would have wished to interact with them more but we had to part ways since they too have a schedule to keep.

My quick unplanned presentation to the Australian youth
They also wanted to support ALEx's endeavours after ate Daphne and me gave a short presentation of what we in ALEx stand for and what we have done so far (I guess we convinced them so they donated something to us? =P). They too were intrigued by the upcoming ALEx activity which is the Emerging Pinoy Leaders' Congress 2010.

The whole experience was awesome beyond reasonable doubt but most of all UBER-Fun and both parties had a blast despite us adapting to Australian Accent whilst they are still adjusting to the weather.

They didn't say good bye but instead gave a "See you Later!"

and a Cheers MATE!!
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  1. Cool! Go go go Vernon! Hope to see you again soon!