So I ran the 1st time for 5Km

5am arrival and the starting line
The Casino Femme Run "The Empowered Series" is organized by the IPI - International Pharmaceutical Inc. which happened last December 12, 2010 at 5am. Baahhh..this is the first time to blog with an aching body, my body burns from pain and pama-ol. If you wanna know why I ran is because I really wanted to do it for a while but was caught up of all the drama and busy-ness in life.

Event Stage
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Running Photography? No really I was running backwards!?
So back to the topic, well it paid of the JUMP IN without preparing since the experience was Awesome! But the price to pay is of course muscle recovery due to pathetic attempts of preparation. This Femme Run was really interesting since there were a lot of ladies running around, but it sucks to just watch them since they all run so fast!!! :P

Too lazy to take pictures of the programme so I looked up and took this instead
So after the run, I was a bit confused as to what to do and got some breakfast and lots of water and then watched the activities after the run.

So begins the cam-whoring sessions with the Cebu Tropical Beauties Candidates
After our energy was replenished and our energies a bit restored, we ended up walking around and taking pictures, well I was the one taking the pictures.

The next best thing?
Everyone was somewhat exhausted wherein we wanted to have a picture with Paul Jake Castillo, since he was still in the stage, we opted for this version (See photo above).

we waited but still no here goes?
Just so you know, we had our pictures taken with security guards, virtually unknown strangers and we still could not get enough of it, so we found this tarp of Paul Jake (See photos here).

Finally the real thing, FIND Paul Jake =)
So the programme ended yet we still had one more chance to do some camwhoring, and I must be in a damn picture so this is our last photo, I guess =P

With one of the Event host - Blinky =)
Lessons Learned:

  • If you want to chase girls you better prepare?
  • Good for Physical Fitness but seriously 5K for a 1st timer? @_@
  • Read requirements for Running Event properly - 5k was the minimum for men..crap...
  • Run in a group, that's what makes it a Fun Run!
  • Have FUN
  • Try to RUN more =)

Until the next RUN!
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