BlueSky Scrubs

Scrubs are like those attires worn by medical personnel such as doctors or nurses. Some even wear them even at home or off duty. These things are somewhat simple yet cool since even if you just look at it, it’s already feels comfortable.

There are many colors you can choose to wear from pink, yellow, green and blue medical scrubs! These scrubs are not just for women but there are also scrubs for men or men scrub. I saw some of my friends and even cousins wearing these scrubs when they got home or when I meet them randomly at the mall coming from their work. They themselves say that it is very comfortable to wear outside, all the more inside one's house.

Being an Engineer, I am thinking if we are allowed or if it will be acceptable for us to be wearing these scrubs if ever I am given a chance. And sometimes I even have the feeling that I can see almost everyone wearing these scrubs wear. Perhaps I am going crazy? So go get to your nearest scrub stores to have one for yourself or give it to someone who wants one!
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