UCC Cafe Treat

The first time I got to step foot or eat in UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace was during the first events committee meeting with some bloggers, and now we get to stay and chill again during our secret people's meeting! It's a secret so I can't tell you, but what I can tell and show you is the UCC Coffee and what we indulged for our stomachs.

We had there lemonade water thing, and I had some sort of mocha shake thing..sorry I am bad w/ names or maybe i'm just getting really really old or having a memory lapse, who knows but UCC Cafe did a great job making it since I was satisfied.

I'll definitely come back to UCC to try more of their wonderful cuisine and beverages!
UCC Cafe Treat UCC Cafe Treat Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, November 15, 2009 Rating: 5

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