Youth Talk at Cebu Normal University (CNU)

This is an American installed School - Another piece of history & heritage
We just recently had our CNU (Cebu Normal University) Youth Talk where we share our experiences through the program of RAFI's Triennials Exchange Series 7. We divided our presentation into three break out categories or areas of engagement: Women & Youth, Environment and Health.

Well, we also did some little preparations before the day of the event where I lost my USB, gate-crashed a closing Photocopy store in SM City Cebu, and had some late chit-chat with dinner. Aside from that, stress, sleep deprivation, EGOs and weird conditions were also happening, but I guess it was all worth it.

Nag-cramming pajud sila (both for school and the Talk) :D
We were around an 8-individuals team where we had 1 highschool student, 4 students from University of San Carlos ([two 1st year, two 2nd year?] Only 3 came tsk3), 2 OWYs (Out-of-Work Youth~ I'm in this category >.<) and 1 Employed person :D

We had time to inspect the place for an occular visit and immersed in its Historic & Cultural Architecture
Since we live from scattered places all over Cebu, we had to make pre-arrangements with each other (those who were in close-proximity) to wake up early and arrive at the venue together and all. I basically had 3 hours of sleep and left home around 6:30AM (From Minglanilla) but we arrived around 8:15AM (~that is an obvious evidence of being old and no longer a student since who would've known it was rush hour and all the ridiculous traffic!).

Murag Concert. WEH!
Front (Social Hall Stage) View of the Crowd
We went to the Cebu Normal University, where we talked to some 400-500 Youth. These Youth were all 1st year students of CNU and all of them taking up Education with their various specialty courses (Math, SPED and the like).

Before the Break-Out talks, we had short Getting-to-know-you games
This is the GTKY outside the social hall
Ice Breaker and Team (Group) Games
Bahay, Bata, Bato, Baboy, Bayot, Bagyo!
Before the actual talks, we made the students choose which area of engagement they wanted to go for, namely: Environment, Women & Youth, and Health. Once they have chosen 1, we proceeded to do some Team, GTKY and ice-breaker games.

Break out Sessions (Social hall, Open Gym and Cultural Stage)
As for the CNU Youth Talk Flow, we did it via break-out sessions but since they were so many, we opted (The facilitator/speakers) will move from one group to another instead of the other way around.

Women and Youth Break-out session
Glenn and Janica on Women, Children and Youth topics
Me on my 1st break-out out-door session (Adjustment period, Volume on Maximum)

Health Break-out but where is the Facilitator? :P

My 2nd Break-out for Environment Leg
3rd, standing Break-out with ladies all over >:)
The whole sharing experience from conceptualization, planning, implementation and after party was definitely worth it! By far, this was the largest crowd or participants in all of my speaking engagements and the most challenging in terms of using my voice and some degree of disciplined preparations--madami parin akong dapat matutunan (Mada-mada da ne--I said to myself afterwards).

Closing Ceremonies and Thanks!
My CNU Youth Talk outline:

-Introductions - about us, me, purpose, and affiliations (all found here in about page :D)


Our Youth is living in the most challenging, proud and intensely stimulating age of history in the world through multiple access of channels of information. Our world is becoming instrumented, becoming interconnected and virtually all things, processes and ways of working are becoming Intelligent..and yet we allow problems to grow and abuse our can we live together, sustainably better?


How do we learn or educate while keeping and passing our cultural identity? Can we solve our problems with the same methods that those before us used? Do we continue in reading what we read and educate those who we encounter about what we read or do we go beyond that? (Customized this part since our audience were all Students who had Education Courses)

What do you see in our environment? Problems, challenges?

Philippine Environment Facts~Of the 1,196 known bird species 46% are endemic, If the 8k flowering plants and 4.5k nonflowering-30-40% are endemic, it simply means, that they are no where else in the world! Central Visayas has highest marine biodiversity per unit area in the world (600 species of corals, 1,200 fin fish, 700 algae, 33 mangrove, 5 of 7 known sea turtles, and 24 crustaceans to name a few and that is just an overview!

In terms of Technology—The Jeepney (Most efficient mass transportation vehicle in the world), Bottle Schools, Disaster Risk Preparation & management and the like.

Culture and Tourism --Culture-Education-Environment-Governance and everything else is interconnected. Example: TaƱon Strait protected seascape ~an opportunity for tourism, generate jobs, cultural-eco tourism and PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) where we can preserve our environment and heritage (Marine Biodiversity, Dolphins and Whales), gain income, Educate ourselves on our Assets and share it with others!

-Triennials Exchance Series 7 Experiences:
Getting out of comfort zones! In Davao, there is minimal social pressures, different culture and mindsets (Roads, Implementation of Laws, People, practices-farming and the like)

Triennial Laureates through Philippine Eagle Foundation-Center (Philippine Eagle and Biodiversity); Asian Rural Life Development Foundation (Biodiversity, Lifestyle and Farming hand in hand).

"Hopefully our small and short encounter planted a seed into your minds, may it awaken not now, not later, nor tomorrow but in the right time for the betterment of our community and of you teachers-to-be and your future students."

Janica: Humana Kuya nold, Nold: I know Right!
Salamat to the CNU NSTP Adviser, CNU Education Students, Team FLOW (Janica, Arnold, Izza Tananlungsod, Ate Camille, Kuya Glenn and Vernie-hime-sama!)--time, transportation, food, and all the counterparts!

Daghang Salamat pud ni Beverly Aspiras from YMA-3 for her Photography assistance using my CAM..Tenkyu!! Sa susunod na Youth Talk sa CNU!!

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