Da Vinci Pizza Lunch out!

mmmmm meatlovers!
For some reason, our mother had the urge to have a lunch-out and chose Da Vinci Pizza in Gaisano Capital Tabunok Branch! This time we ordered the Da Vinci's Salo-Salo together Meals! We chose the Family Salo Salo Meal which is good for 3-5 people max but we were only 4 so we were definitely satisfied.

pasta spaghetti
white pasta
The Family Salo-Salo meal has he Following: 1 12" Pizza (choice of white/tomato sauc pizzas only)--[Meat Lovers as our choice favorie]; 1 chicken Gusto; 1 Pasta Da Vinci; 1 White Pasta Masterpiece; 1 pitcher of Ice Tea/Lemonade/1.5L Softdrinks which costs Php548.00 all in all!

look at that hungry face
This is the first time we ordered the Da Vinci Salo Salo Together meals and I can definitely say we saved a lot of money and had our craving and hunger satisfied!
Da Vinci Pizza Lunch out! Da Vinci Pizza Lunch out! Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, February 06, 2011 Rating: 5

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