Changing Education Paradigms by RSA Animate

Changing Education Paradigms is an interesting idea and analysis in most of the world's educational system. I especially like the part where the way we educate students is like a Factory. Oh and don't forget the awesome presentation.
To sum it up, this is about how our school system was designed to produce workers for the industrial age, and now the Western World has over 200 years a system that does not produce free thinking and innovation but sheep, afraid to make mistakes, and a culture that demonizes failure.
Changing Education Paradigms

Most Schools, and Learning Institutions are not centers for creativity and innovation, but rather Factories that take raw material at one end and produce ‘Workers’ at the other. This is the very nature of most educational systems? Do you Agree? Just observe the input-process-output..XD

If you watched 3 idiots, and then ask students, why do you go to school, ‘To Get a Good Job’ is the common answer, why not enrol yourself for the JOY of Learning and then pursuing one's passion.

There is a difference between wanting a job and wanting what that Job gives us. It is difficult, often-times to pursue our Dreams, Passion and Love of being and doing. No wonder Human Resource Departments try to focus on perks, better coffee, overtime, vacation pay etc..

Go to school to truly learn and use it for your dreams; use school and technology to enable you- do not focus on school for the job, look at the bigger picture, your passion, your love, and your DREAMS!
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