Dinner @ Yakiniku Restaurant

We had our dinner just right after our Karting Adventure in KartZone at Yakiniku Restaurant. Yakiniku Restaurant is located at F. Cabahug St., corner Pres. Quezon St., Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines. It was my 1st time to enter a cook-you-own-food restaurant (Though I have seen this in TV).

The inside of Yakiniku where there are some cubicle-like divisions where customers squat-grill-chat-and eat!
Chopsticks, cloth, Apron and some small china
Additional mini-Chopsticks for cooking or whatever you want to use it with XD
Tray and stuff for Tea
We were using some interesting tools used for cooking that was already prepared since when you sit down, you don't wait for food, but FOOD INGREDIENTS. It was my 1st time Grilling while using only chopsticks, a rolled hot towel and an Apron.

Some Shrimp
Chopped Chicken
Lots'a pork
Fresh Marinated Tuna
Attempted Cooking - Luto nani?
The Yakiniku Food choices were very varied from multiple choices of seafood and some chicken and pork which were pre-marinated and ready for cooking and also had some Desserts.
Lessons Learned: Bring someone who can cook or assist you in cooking (Angeli, Ate "A" & Mama "E"
Kimchi para Bala-bala sa tiyan
Tusik2 kaon, DMD

Desserts!! Mocha Ice cream
1st time Eating a GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!!! XD
Coco Jelly, yumm
Overall, we had an interesting eating-cooking-tasting-cooking again-eating experience to boot! I think you can only find this in Yakiniku if your in Cebu!
Dinner @ Yakiniku Restaurant Dinner @ Yakiniku Restaurant Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Thursday, February 17, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. im curious what the green tea ice cream tastes like.. ew.

  2. it actually tastes good, I was scared when it was served since being in a japanese restaurant, I thought it was WASABE ice cream, now that's scary XD luckily it was green tea heheeh