Karting at KARTZONE

So they say that "go-KARTING" is one of the hippest sports to try in Cebu, so does that mean I am HIP now? XD Anyway, KartZone is located at F. Cabahug st., Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines. This is my 2nd time to Ride and Drive a Cart/Kart, but the 1st time to be really able to ramp up the speed and with a Helmet!
KartZone Field/Road
Very Nice Looking Cart? Forgive the NewBie
One of the sign that is REALLY VISIBLE AND BIG was the warning sign stating that motor racing is dangerous and anyone who participates in the activity assumes all risk and is responsible for his/her action. go-karting at KartZone Cebu is definitely a must try! Go-kart rental rates are at Php300.00/Single Seater and Php350.00/Double Seater. This includes the use of the helmet and the kart for 8 laps (I think). You will also need to pay for the head mask at P25.00/person.

Whew, safe and sound
Go-karting also known as karting, kart racing or go-kart and whatever here in the Philippines is a version of open-wheel motor sport with small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called go-kart or kart depending on the design. It is normally sensed as the way to the higher and more expensive ranks of motorsports. They say that it is a form of sport that’s defined by one word: The NEED for SPEED, did I say one word? hehehe.

Before or even After some tiring Karting Action, you can have a drink or a quick snack
They have interesting facilities too! Eight karting machines if I am not mistaken. A digital timing system, and for a fee - can give you printouts of your laptimes so that you can find out exactly how slow-pathetic-safe-scared and clueless you are when it comes to driving, carting or the like. XD

If you have a phobia or whatever or maybe its raining, you can still enjoy karting in another way ^_^
Kartzone Cebu is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on regular days. They are also accepting Birthday Party Lock Out, Corporate Events, Team Building Events and Special Lock Out.

Vehicles are checked and Ready!
During the KART RACE, I did not really see or know who's who, since it was the worst possible condition to do karting IMO. It was turning dark, dust was constantly flying due to wind, and add to that A bit of light rain, so I did not bother much about the other racers and just raced liked HELL in the course. Lessons Learned, Prepare a CAMERA, or have someone take pictures of you while racing; make sure visibility is good; and be sure that the person you left the camera with knows how to operate it (for DSLR users). XD

CTown Friends with AEV-CRO-Sebastian Lacson
Karting with Bloggers and some Friends is very interesting and FUN, so be sure to enjoy it till the end and remember to be SAFE!

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Photo Credit: "Ate" Malou M. & Adventurouslei
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  1. i can only imagine the tense. xD

  2. Excellent pictures, looks like you had fun! You find karting helmets here