White Shoes - A Musicale

The University of San Carlos College of Nursing, Student Body Organization, and Theater Guild in cooperation with Teatro Sugbo, Inc. Directors presents White Shoes - The Musicale.

I just watched the play at 4pm at the Ayala, Onstage. And I found the story quite compelling and realistic to the lives for OFW-Nurses. Just like the previous plays I watched before, this was again close to Valentines day and of course had the theme about love. Though my only negative comment, IMO is that, it's just weird to watch a play that is about Filipinos spoken in English, not unless if it was of foreign script like My Fair lady.

Story Synopsis

White Shoes is the personification of destiny in our lives. it is a story of how each our decisions change the course of our future. A taste of not wanting, giving and sacrificing oneself to survive destinies game of luck, disappointments and life contentment of how one will be in the future. A roller coaster ride full heart breaking events that will lead us to the greatest lesson life has to offer that is LOVE.

A compilation of different life stories from different walks of life that gives us a spectrum of how a student may face the challenges of the real world. Where faith and patience are tested, where true love must sacrifice and wait and the hearts of those who fight for their love prevails.

A story of five individuals who ironically became friends because of a task they need to finish before they could all pass the course they where in.LIZ the achiever, who in all her life was obedient and was focused in achieving her dream of becoming an outstanding nurse abroad.

DUSTINE the happy go lucky, who has so many bitterness and hatred in life despite its breeze because of things he could not have. BREE the facade, who took up the course he never really wanted for his mom who turned out to be the life of the group. RIZA the outcast, who despite her richness and loud personality is often misinterpreted and unwanted by so many people and MARK the diligent one, who has worked his time to perfect and be on top of his league despite major unfavourable circumstances. As the story progress each one developed a sense of belongingness and family perhaps. All have dreamed and decided to go abroad and destiny seemed to have favoured all except one which turned out to cause so many changes that each on of them has to face especially for the first time lovers LIZ and DUSTINE.

Everything could turn out possibly wrong from a very promising and successful start. The story believes that everything will be in its proper place and time and all things we come across have a purpose. Each may relate to a particular character or circumstance in the story but one is truly unique in the search for what is truly ahead of us.

White Shoes is a musicale drama from the University of San Carlos College of NursingStudent Body Organization Theater Guild in partnership with Teatro Sugbo Inc. Directors featuring the talents and some original composition of our very own students and clinical instructors.

At the end of the journey the creativity of such an attempt will go back to a simple question we must face. For in this complex world the rit fit for us is very hard to find, will we survive our own destiny…
White Shoes - A Musicale White Shoes - A Musicale Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Friday, February 11, 2011 Rating: 5

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